Balcony Decoration Design In The Decoration Of The Precautions

Although the balcony occupies a small area in the whole home space, it is an indispensable part. The balcony has the sun, and the balcony can be used for cleaning and drying. The decoration design and utilization are also appropriate. It can be a good place to relax and add a beautiful landscape to the home decoration design space.

Balcony Decoration Design In The Decoration Of The Precautions

Want to have a beautiful and practical balcony, not only to work on the design of the exterior, but also to consider the actual properties of the balcony, because only the inside and outside can be used to create the effect of the balcony. Let’s take a look at the decoration of the balcony decoration design in the decoration below!

Pay attention to door and window waterproof
The balcony decoration can be divided into two types: closed balcony and open balcony according to whether it is sealed. When the open type encounters heavy rain, it will flood a lot of water. To make the balcony floor waterproof and drainage, the decorative design should consider the horizontal inclination, appropriate The direction of the floor drain is slightly tilted to ensure that the water flow can flow to the drain, and the floor drain must be ensured to be unobstructed, requiring regular cleaning.

Choose lightweight balcony furniture
The general balcony load-bearing capacity is limited. If the stacked items exceed the limit, danger may occur. Therefore, the balcony-decorated furniture should be selected as light as possible, and the waterproof performance should be good. Furniture, balconies should not pile up too much debris, affecting the appearance of beauty and bring hidden danger to the family.

Pay attention to electricity safety
In order to save space, some households will place the washing machine and other household appliances on the balcony. At this time, it is necessary to reserve a socket on the balcony. When installing the wall switch socket in the balcony, a splash-proof socket or a waterproof box device should be used. In addition to the need to choose waterproof lighting when installing decorative lighting fixtures, the installation location should also choose the place where rainwater can not be splashed, and extend the service life to ensure safety.

Side wall load can not be knocked
The side wall of the balcony plays the role of bearing and windproof. It is not allowed to knock or open the hole at will, otherwise it will cause danger to the whole building. If you want to clear the excess wall, you must at least ask the property company for approval.

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