I have the balcony decoration ideas: how to decorate the balcony?

The balcony is a transitional space between the outdoor and the indoor. Standing on the balcony design, people can not only rely on the fence, but also dry clothes, raise flowers and sea cucumbers, and paint poverty to add a leisurely and interesting taste. I have the balcony decoration ideas: how to decorate the balcony?

First, create a leisurely rest space and pay attention to the management mode;

I have the balcony decoration ideas: how to decorate the balcony?

To create a rest space on the balcony, pay attention to the management mode. If the area is not large, the worst choice is small furniture with a small footprint, and a detachable table is more suitable. The open-air balcony should use some balcony furniture with waterproof basic functions, and the packaged balcony should also take into account the exposure problem.

Choose some durable furniture, or make an awning on the balcony with more solid silk, not only can decorate the balcony, but also block the snow. Stainless steel can also be changed according to seasonal variations. For example: bamboo curtains in winter and floors in spring and summer.

Bamboo curtains and floors are made to be up and down or retractable to adjust the area, torso and viewing angle of the shelter as needed. It also enables the outside of the balcony to be exposed to the sun that is not offensive, which complements the natural environment of outdoor management work and rest.

Second, do a good job in storage management work;

The area of ​​the balcony is generally small, so a good basic function of storage is of the utmost importance. A neat and orderly balcony will make the space area invisibly larger, and the hierarchical situation will be more narrow. In general, the basic function of the balcony is clearly based on its specific area and location within the building. The poor balcony connected to the living room or room is generally small in size and can generally be used as a viewing room. Or relax and even build a small home or fitness room.

It is more intimate, and the uppermost shelf is used for the storage on the wall outside the balcony; while the management work balcony connected to the bathroom or restaurant is relatively small, most of which are used for storage, drying, and women workers. Think of the balcony as an old warehouse with stacked trash cans.

Before deciding how to place your trash can, you may wish to make a very simple plan in advance, draw a design drawing, first redistribute the location of large items such as electrical appliances, drying racks, etc. that cannot be easily moved, and then separately place the racks. Small objects. Common items such as detergents and women’s labor baskets are placed in convenient access. Other garbage bins that are rarely used can be placed in air-conditioner storage boxes for storage.

I have the balcony decoration ideas: how to decorate the balcony?

Third, the beautiful decoration of the small balcony

Compared to other spacious, the balcony is more accessible to the shelter and heating. Therefore, the balcony is decorated with organic materials. The small outdoor garden view nearby may require the design and manufacture of professional knowledge, but the sweet-scented osmanthus is difficult to grow. Starting from planting a soybean, with a little effort, you can extend the indoor scenery to your home.

In order to make the plants on the balcony look seamless, in addition to working on plant cultivars, it can also enrich the way plants are placed. Branches of plants can be planted on the wall, which complements the visual effect of the “shadow wall in the garden”.

For example, ivy can also be hung on a balcony with a natural stainless steel flower such as a rattan basket; for example, Georgetown University, Chlorophytum; other edamame can be placed on a shelf or placed on a high place;

I have the balcony decoration ideas: how to decorate the balcony? If it is a small open-air balcony, it can also be planted with some small-sized ornamental plants, such as small olives, flowers and grasses, and more natural habitats.

In addition, the plants grown on the balcony should also be like hot and humid. The balcony by the stream should not be planted with shade-tolerant plants, such as green radish and licorice Georgetown University. If there is a basement on the balcony, then there must be too many plants in the vicinity, otherwise the basement will be more likely to cause moisture.

I have the balcony decoration ideas: how to decorate the balcony? Have you learnt that? I think this idea is really great! Friends, what do you think? ?

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